Dr. Palencia, a local Geriatrician, was gracious enough to let us interview him about his role in treating Alzheimer’s Disease.  He had some very useful insight about the following questions:

  1.    What made you choose this field of medicine?
  2.    How would you describe your role in treating Alzheimer’s patients?
  3.    What methods do you suggest to patients to slow the worsening of
    Alzheimer’s disease?
  4.    What activities do you recommend for Alzheimer’s patients so that
    they can keep their mind engaged?
  5.     What preventative measures do you suggest to the families of Alzheimer’s patients when they start to fear the chance of developing AD as they age?
  6.    Adhering to privacy law, Could you describe a specific Alzheimer’s case that touched you?
  7.    If Alzheimer’s disease was identified in a patient in its very
    early stages could it be reversed?  If so, how?
  8.    As Life expectancy increases, so does the prevalence of
    Alzheimer’s.  Are there any other diseases like this that we have been
    able to effectively counter?
  9.     Why do you think it is taking so long to find a cure for Alzheimer’s disease?  Is there anything that you feel could be done to speed up the process of finding a cure?
  10.  What in the community can be done to boost awareness of Alzheimer’s disease?
  11. What resources are available to patients/families?  Do you feel that there are enough resources?
  12.  What advice do you have for families who have relatives with Alzheimer’s?